Understanding Caregiver Perspectives: Survey on Home-Based Family Care Monthly Rates

policy, Caregivers, benefits

The Alliance for Children’s Rights conducted a voluntary, online survey of caregivers across California in resource families in May and June of 2023. This survey was designed to gather caregiver input as CDSS works on developing an updated HBFC rate structure.

This survey, which focused on obtaining insights into the rate received by the respondents and identifying potential barriers and gaps in funding information and coverage, is intended as a tool to ensure that caregiver perspectives are considered during the revision of the rate structure.

Furthermore, this survey aims to address the importance of caregiver engagement and their firsthand experiences to shape a revised rate structure that better meets the needs of children and youth in foster care and resource families across California. By seeking caregiver input, the Alliance for Children’s Rights aims to assist in the creation of a more inclusive and comprehensive rate structure that addresses the challenges faced by caregivers and supports the well-being and stability of youth in foster care.


The Alliance for Children’s Rights protects the rights of impoverished, abused and neglected children and youth.