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Jessica's Story:

I Step Up, and the Alliance Backs Me.

A social worker and foster youth advocate, Jessica first connected with the Alliance when she was 18 years old, unhoused, and pregnant. She reflects on her journey and how she’s making a difference today.

Stepping up for King and Malcolm: The Rawles Family

March 2024

The Alliance supported Cassandra and Chalaina in obtaining legal guardianship of their grandsons/nephews, so that they could provide support, care, and stability for King and Malcolm.

A Young Mother’s Story: Cha’zay

March 2024

Thanks to her unwavering love for her child, her determination, and advocacy and resources from the Alliance, Cha’zay is building a life for her and K’sauni. It truly takes a village.

Guardianship Changed Everything: Chris and Dalayla’s Story

March 2023

A relative caregiver shares how the Alliance helped him through the process of guardianship after his niece came into his life unexpectedly, and how that removed barriers to the critical support he needed to care for her.

Cherie's Story: Stepping Up to Care for Kin

December 2022

Kin caregivers are fierce advocates when it comes to the relative children in their care, and Cherie is no exception. See how she stepped up for her grand daughter and provided the love and support she needed on her journey to healing.

Taylor's Story—Providing Love and Safety Through Guardianship

December 2022

For Taylor, acquiring guardianship was vital to not only access the emergency surgery Cameron needed, but also to provide a safe environment for him to heal and thrive.

Steve’s Story—A Young Person’s Journey to Stability

December 2022

Like many young adults transitioning out of foster care, Steve struggled to maintain stability and find pathways to success, while fulfilling basic needs—like housing, healthcare, employment, and essentials. He shares how extra support and resources from advocates made all the difference, as he made the decision to attend college and invest in his future.

Joel’s Story—My Voice Was Powerful: How the Alliance Helped me Emancipate

December 2022

From a very young age, Joel was always firm in his beliefs of who he was. At 15 years old, he was determined to seek safety and live independent of his family, as himself. He shares how pursuing emancipation, with help from the Alliance, helped him achieve stability and find his voice.

Taneil’s Story—Young Leaders Changing the Future for Foster Youth

December 2022

Los Angeles Opportunity Youth Collaborative Young Leader and Alliance intern Taneil shares her passion for affecting change in our communities for young people in foster care through awareness and meaningful advocacy.

Family is Everything: Ahmee's Story

April 2022

Adrian and Saydi answered the call to take in a newborn relative four years ago. Like for many other kin caregivers stepping up for the children in their lives, the barriers they faced to access the support Ahmee needed felt impossible. But they persisted.

30 Years of Impact

March 1, 2022

Since 1992, the Alliance has changed the lives of more than 150,000 young children, teens, and families. This year, we proudly celebrate 30 years of impact.

We uplift our clients’ stories of strength and their journeys to stability, healing, and empowerment. We hope they inspire you and show the power of this Alliance to make a difference.

A Young Mom's Story: Shyanne

March 13, 2021

Shyanne first sought help from the Alliance when she was pregnant and without shelter. 

She shares her story of resilience and how the Alliance supported her in reunifying with her baby, helped her access critical resources, and empowered her to be an advocate and voice for change on behalf of other youth in foster care.

We're the Andersons.
An Adoption Story

March 13, 2021

“Thanks to the Alliance, we were able to give them security, stability, and love—the things that made them feel like they were home.”

The Alliance completed the Andersons’ adoption of their four nieces on National Adoption Day, November 2020.

Answering the Call during a Pandemic:
It Takes an Alliance

March 13, 2021

This is our Alliance. This past year, children, youth, and families in the child welfare system have been severely impacted by the pandemic. Since last March, our Alliance has mobilized to support 6,000+ young clients in need of critical services and legal aid—so that they can survive, heal, and thrive past this pandemic. This important work would not be possible without our incredible team.

The Alliance is Always There:
Jenniffer's Story

March 5, 2020

A young woman who was formerly in foster care, shares how the Alliance supported her and her two children when she was on the brink of homelessness, empowered her with parenting guidance and education, and provided legal advocacy to pave pathways to housing, healthcare and opportunity, so that she and her children can thrive.

The Alliance Advocated for Our Kids: The Arteaga Family

March 5, 2020

At our 28th Annual Dinner, one family shares their story about how the Alliance not only represented them in the adoption of both their daughter and their son, but also advocated to ensure that both developmentally-delayed children receive the vital therapies and education they had been wrongly denied. Thanks to the Saltz Family Early Intervention Advocacy Center, these services will positively change their children’s lives forever.

Hidden Foster Care: The Human Impact of Bypassing Foster Care

February 18, 2020

In partnership with Lincoln, we brought kin caregivers and experts together to activate dialogue around the adverse impacts of Hidden Foster Care. Due to a well-intentioned effort to “”keep kids out of the system,”” relatives are frequently encouraged to bypass juvenile court and care for at-risk children outside of formal foster care – often these families end up without the supports and services necessary to address the impacts of trauma. Together with our partners, we’re evaluating a set of recommendations to better aid these families.

Imelda's Story:
Guardianship Saves a Child's Life

June 14, 2019

One caregiver shares their guardianship story and how the Alliance and one of our stellar pro bono attorneys stepped in to help her better provide safety and stability for her beloved granddaughter.

Yennifer's Story

April 23, 2019

The Alliance advocates for expectant or parenting youth in foster care. Our team supports clients like Yennifer to attain housing, mental and medical healthcare, education, and employment, so they can raise healthy babies and build strong, resilient families.

An Important Victory on Equity and Support for Kinship Families

June 14, 2019

Recently, the Alliance lobbied successfully for emergency funding for relatives who take in children who enter foster care. Caregivers from across California joined us in Sacramento to share their stories of struggling to meet the needs of a young relative. Senator Holly Mitchell appears in the video during a meeting in which she invited these kinship families to speak with her directly about their plight.

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