The Alliance for Children’s Rights protects the rights of impoverished, abused and neglected children and youth.


2022 National Adoption Day

This past Saturday, hundreds of families across the country finalized adoptions from foster care.

“Young people of all ages want and need the love, support, and encouragement of a family. Helping make that dream come true for thousands of children in foster care has been the driving force behind National Adoption Day since it began here in Los Angeles more than two decades ago.”

—Cynthia J. Billey
Director of the Alliance for Children’s Rights Adoption Program
and co-founder of National Adoption Day

Thanks to the efforts of the court, all of our partners, our pro bonos, and of course the families,  we finalized the adoptions of more than 130 babies, children, and teens in Los Angeles County on Saturday as part of the 23rd Annual National Adoption Day.


To all of our clients—we are so honored to be part of your journey. And we will continue to be here, as you embark on this new life together. For the many relatives (nearly 90% of cases) and wonderful caregivers who stepped up to provide loving security and family for these incredible children and teens, thank you. You inspire us.


Congratulations, and happy National Adoption Day!


Photo credit: Anthony Tran

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