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Watch My Baby Grow: Alliance for Children’s Rights Launches New Online Tool to Support Caregivers and Parenting Youth in Foster Care

The Alliance is proud to introduce Watch My Baby Grow, an online tool developed to aid caregivers and young parents in tracking their baby’s milestones and address the developmental challenges faced by over half of children under five in foster care. Watch My Baby Grow offers a month-to-month questionnaire to assess babies’ (ages 0-3) skills in various developmental areas. The tool—accessible on desktop and mobile—identifies eligibility for free services like speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy, connecting parents and caregivers to our early intervention team advocates for support.

“Our goal is to widen access to appropriate developmental services for caregivers and young parents in foster care,” says Alliance Education Program Senior Attorney Elana Zada. “In doing so, we have the potential to change the trajectory for that child and their family given the positive impact of early intervention services.”

“With appropriate resources and early support, our young parenting clients can make a significant difference in their children’s lives,” said Alliance’s Healthy Teen Families Program Director Barbara Facher. “By educating expectant and parenting youth about early brain development and providing direct advocacy support, we can empower these young parents as they raise their babies and greatly improve outcomes for young families in Los Angeles.”

The goal of Watch My Baby Grow is to help more caregivers and young parents in foster care access the best possible start and empower them with the resources they need to create a promising future for their children.

A Spanish translation for the tool is currently in development with a projected launch at the end of the year.

This project is powered by philanthropy and supporters of Alliance of Moms and Alliance for Children’s Rights.


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