Sanae Smith

Director, Transition Age Youth Services

Sanea Smith is the Director of Transition Age Youth Services at the Alliance with over 20 years of Youth and Family Advocacy experience. She is well-versed in community resources and housing solutions related to homelessness services. Sanea has created pathways for individuals affected by community barriers and childhood trauma. Specializing in all population advocacy, Sanea believes in leading by example and bridging system gaps for anyone experiencing adversity. [Before joining the Alliance / Before this role], Sanea was the Regional Coordinator for SPA 6 Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System (HOPICS) for five years. In prior years, Sanea was an Early Childhood Educator, Family Service Coordinator, Operation and Compliance Manager, and Social Service Practitioner. Sanea’s collective professional leadership identified her as a pillar in the community. Since joining the Alliance, Sanea has received recognition from community organizations throughout Los Angeles County. She served as one of the state captains of California for NAEH (National Alliance to Ending Homelessness) in Washington, DC. Sanea has facilitated and trained community partners on the Coordinated Entry System, Continuum of Care, Housing Security, trauma-informed, Domestic Violence, Motivational Interviewing, and Independent Life Skills for all populations.