Cynthia Rivera

Legal Assistant

Cynthia Rivera (she/her) is a legal assistant at the Alliance helping children and youth in foster care, guardianships, and adoptions secure proper funding. Specializing in public benefits, Cynthia helps stabilize placements by ensuring families receive the financial support they need to continue providing care for children and youth in out-of-home placements.

Prior to this role, Cynthia was an intake intern at the Alliance while working as a fellow for the California Democratic Party. Since joining the Alliance in 2021, Cynthia has secured substantial retroactive and prospective funding for minors in probate non-related legal guardianships through settlements by directly advocating on their behalf in administrative fair hearings to ensure they receive the appropriate funding commensurate with their specialized needs.

Cynthia earned a B.A. in psychology with a minor in public policy from the University of California, Riverside.