The Alliance for Children’s Rights protects the rights of impoverished, abused and neglected children and youth.


Policy Victory: Our Collective Impact

The Alliance celebrates our collective impact and the recent passage of several policy reforms co-sponsored with our community partners—promoting racial justice and equity, placement stability and education stability for the young people and families impacted by the child welfare system. 

Reducing Barriers to Family Reunification

AB 1686 (Bryan) increases the likelihood that children, especially children from very low-income families, will be reunified with their parents from foster care by requiring countries to presume that the costs parents are required to pay are likely to pose barriers to family reunification.

Access to Guardianships in Juvenile Court Cases

AB 2309 (Friedman) promotes family decision making by addressing families’ and advocates reported challenges with the WIC Section 360(a) guardianship process.

Expanding Access to Diplomas for Highly Mobile Students

SB 532 (Caballero) expands and strengthens rights for youth in foster care, youth experiencing homelessness, former juvenile court school students, children of military families, and migratory children.

Clarifying Access to Juvenile Court Records

SB 1071 (Umberg) helps resolve long court delays by clarifying that attorneys and judges participating in a Department of Social Services administrative hearing involving a youth in foster care may have access to the juvenile case file for purposes of that confidential hearing and establishes timelines by which counties must make pertinent records available. 

Thank you for your partnership and advocacy which make these policy reform efforts possible. 

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