Talk to Your Baby


The more words you say to your baby, the smarter they will be! Download this guide to get started.


Last Updated 2013: If you don’t talk to your child, by the time she is 1 year old, she will likely have fallen behind kids whose parents frequently talk to their infants. This might mean she won’t talk as much or understand and learn as well as other children.

The key to learning for babies and young children is talking to them! The more you speak to a child from the time they are born, the better! As silly as you might feel talking to a newborn, know that you are making them smarter and connected to you.

Explain things around them and what you’re doing with them, for example: Feel Teddy’s nose! It’s so soft! Cars make noise — look, there’s a yellow one! Baby feels hungry? Now Mommy is opening the refrigerator. So put those smartphones away!

The greater number of words babies and children hear from their parents or caregivers. The higher their IQ and the better they will do in school. TV talk doesn’t help – it has to be from you!

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